Injection Molding

Injection Molding Challenges

As manufacturing continues to trend from mass production to mass customization, plastic injection molders and equipment providers are searching for ways to efficiently adapt to high mix, low volume production. With more efficient and advanced equipment entering the market, plastic processors are finding that combining sophisticated injection molding equipment with automation technology provides the flexibility necessary to execute fast product changeovers with minimal machine downtime.

Other primary considerations include designing systems that efficiently use the available floor space and seamlessly integrate into existing lines. For greater productivity some leading manufacturers have developed solutions that handle secondary IMM operations, further improving cycle times while continuing to minimize pace allocations. Common secondary operations include removing the molded part from the gate and runner system, guiding inserts in insert molding applications, and clipping small metal or plastic clips onto a major part just after being unloaded from the molding machine.

Utilizing leading control components will help provide the torque precision, speed control, and overall machine performance necessary to manufacture high quality plastic parts.

How c3controls can help plastic injection molders and equipment providers

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