Machine Tools

Machine Tool Challenges

Equipment such as presses, lathes, machining centers, grinders, and lasers are being used for high precision, high throughput metal fabrication processes in industries ranging from automotive, aerospace and defense, and electronics, to medical devices, industrial machinery, and renewable energy. Recent technological advancements have made machine tools faster and more versatile, capable of performing a broad range of tasks inside a single set up.

With more efficient and advanced machine tools entering the market, the demand for more intelligent and flexible automation for machining applications is ever increasing. Manufacturers of metal fabrication equipment are now designing systems and cells that allow automation to be easily integrated into the process, helping machining operations better meet the challenges of high mix, low volume production.

The advancement of Additive Manufacturing is proving to provide a new opportunity as many machine tool manufacturers are incorporating 3D printing into their product lines. 3D printing technology offers light-weight, cost-effective, and quick solutions for concept validation, resulting in faster speed to market and lower development costs for new products. The need for versatile, durable, and well-designed control components will only increase as these machines continue to evolve.

How c3controls can help Metal Fabrication and Machine Tools Manufacturers

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