13mm Pilot Lights (Indicating)

Remarkably Small. Noticeably Brighter.

13mm Pilot Lights starting at only $14.82! Configure below.

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Product Features

  • Configurations available in both screw terminal and wire lead.
  • Light units available in Super-Bright LED, and in a variety of lamp color options.
  • LED voltage options in 6V – 120V AC/DC and 240V AC. Voltage tolerance is +/- 10%.
  • Lens types available in round or flat and in 6 color options.
  • Internal wire leads available in standard and custom lengths and various wire color options. Note: 13mm pilot lights with non-standard wire leads are not available for same-day shipping.
  • Optional, field installable IP20 terminal guard available for use with LED light units.

Top 5 Best Sellers

  1. 12VAC/DC, Blue LED, Clear Round Lens, Wire Lead
    p/n: 13SBLB12WL-13CRR
  2. 120VAC/DC, Green LED & Flat Lens, Screw Terminal
    p/n: 13SBLG120ST-13GNF
  3. 24VAC/DC, Green LED & Round Lens, Screw Terminal
    p/n: 13SBLG24ST-13GNR
  4. 120VAC/DC, Red LED & Flat Lens, Screw Terminal
    p/n: 13SBLR120ST-13RDF
  5. 120VAC/DC, Red LED & Round Lens, Screw Terminal
    p/n: 13SBLR120ST-13RDR

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Pilot Devices for Indication & Actuation

Pilot devices are mainly used in the commercial or industrial applications where human-to-machine interface is required. Typically used as a part of a system, automated process, or a control panel, these devices provide information on condition and control monitoring of different types of processes, machinery, and equipment.

Industry Leading Ratings, And Superior Visibility and Brightness

Your customers count on your machines for reliable performance. The controls products you use must satisfy these high standards. c3controls’ design and production of our 13mm pilot lights builds upon our tradition of quality and innovation. Compact in size and rated for Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4/4X, 12 & 13 and IP20, these pilot lights are best-of-class. You won’t find a better value 13mm pilot light.

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Widest Range in the Smallest Package

When you need a pilot light that’s tough, lasts long, and saves space c3controls’ line of 13mm pilot lights were designed to perfectly complement your panel and your application—featuring the perfect range of configurations for the OEM.

Super Bright LED Light Unit

  • Configurations available in both screw terminal and wire lead
  • Voltage options in 6V – 120V AC/DC and 240V AC
  • LEDs available in Amber, Blue, Green, Red & White
  • Lens types available in round or flat and in six color options
  • Field installable IP20 terminal guard for enhanced safety and protection
  • Internal wire leads available in standard and custom lengths and various wire color options


  • Legend plates available in a variety of styles and colors. Special and custom engraving also available.
  • Clamp ring wrench to tighten and loosen clamp rings without scratching your panel
  • 5/8″ dress ring/panel gasket to accommodate 5/8″ – 21/32″ mounting hole dimensions

Durable Products That Give You An Edge

c3controls offers a comprehensive line of 13mm low-cost, high quality pilot lights, just one of the wide range of products designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the machine builder. We promise durable products at a price that gives you an edge, and we guarantee same-day shipping.


UL Listed and CE marked, and rated Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4/4X, 12 & 13 and IP20, our 13mm pilot lights are suitable for the most demanding applications. The product certifications and electrical ratings are clearly marked on the outside of the light units for easy reference during installation.

LED Technology

Our 13mm LED pilot lights utilize the latest LED technology for superior visibility and brightness, even in direct sunlight.

Energy Savings

Our LED lamps last 100,000 hours―that’s 11.4 years!

Screw Terminal

Self-lifting captive saddle terminal screws accommodate #22 through two #12 AWG wires (0.5-4mm2) per terminal to provide easy wiring in a broad range of applications. The terminals are arranged for straight through wiring so that bare wire may be “bussed” to multiple light installations providing significant labor savings. These units also accept “ring” and “fork” connectors.

Wire Lead

Wire leads are supplied standard at 6” length. They are also available in any specified length including different lengths on the same light. This ability to quickly and economically “customize” to match specific wiring applications can provide major installation cost savings.

Quality Materials

c3controls selects the highest quality raw materials to ensure our products outlast the competition, including Lexan™ plastic for our lenses―improving visibility and resistance to high impact for reliable performance, even in high ambient temperatures.

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