30mm Hazardous Location Pilot Lights

Industry Leading Class 1, Division 2 Pilot Devices

30mm Pilot Lights starting at only $41.73! Configure below.

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Product Features

  • Available in modular, multi-voltage and push-to-test
  • Multi-voltage, full voltage, resistor, and dual-input light units in a wide range of voltages up to 480V AC/DC
  • Wide variety of lamp types and colors
  • LED voltage tolerance is +/- 10%
  • Our push-to-test pilot lights aid in the troubleshooting of the circuit

Top 5 Best Sellers

  1. FV 24VAC/DC, Red LED & Lens
    p/n: HFVLU24LR-PLLRD
  2. FV 24VAC/DC, Green LED & Lens
    p/n: HFVLU24LG-PLLGN
  3. FV 24VAC/DC, Amber LED & Lens
    p/n: HFVLU24LA-PLLAR
  4. FV 120VAC/DC, Green LED & Lens
    p/n: HFVLU120LG-PLLGN
  5. FV 120VAC/DC, Red LED & Lens
    p/n: HFVLU120LR-PLLRD

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Pilot Devices for Indication & Actuation

Pilot devices are mainly used in the commercial or industrial applications where human-to-machine interface is required. Typically used as a part of a system, automated process, or a control panel, these devices provide information on condition and control monitoring of different types of processes, machinery, and equipment.


Specially engineered for Class 1, Division 2 and Zone 2, our 30mm H-Line offers a wide selection of hermetically sealed reed and factory sealed contact blocks, and each is made of an all-polyester construction with nickel-plated or stainless steel metal parts for superior corrosion resistance. We’ve increased the range of our Multi-Voltage LED light unit to operate at any voltage from 20V to 277V AC or DC!


Quality 30mm hazardous location pilot devices that perform reliably—even in the most demanding conditions. Devices that solve the challenges that machine builders face.


UL Listed and CE marked, our 30mm hazardous location pilot devices are suitable for use anywhere in the world.

Quality Materials

c3controls selects the highest quality raw materials to ensure our products outlast the competition, including Lexan™ plastic for our lenses―improving visibility and resistance to high impact for reliable performance, even in high ambient temperatures.

U-Cup Seal

Our revolutionary U-Cup seal is infused with a Teflon coating to eliminate cracking when exposed to harsh conditions and keeps water, oils, and dust away from the contact blocks.

Environmentally Secure

With 4/4X and IP65 ratings, our 30mm line of pilot devices are built to last and withstand dust, corrosion, ice, and rain.

Visible Certifications

Our product certifications and electrical ratings are clearly marked on the outside of the contact blocks for easy reference during installation.

Heavy Duty

Polyester construction provides superior durability, corrosion resistance, moisture rejection and electrical insulation. For added protection, metal parts are nickel-plated. Operators come standard with a polyester clamp ring, although optional aluminum clamp rings are available.

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White Papers

Industrial Control Basics: Part 4 – Pilot Devices

Merriam Webster defines a pilot light as, “2: an indicator light showing where a switch or circuit breaker is located or whether a motor is in operation or power is on.” While pilot devices are seemingly quite simple control, there is more to them than the definition provided by MW. They have their own terminologies, color coding, functions and standards. Find out about all of that and more in Industrial Control Basics Part 4 – Pilot Devices for Indication and Actuation.


The Basics of Pilot Devices for Indication and Actuation

Pilot devices, which are comprised of selector switches, pushbuttons, pilot lights, signal beacons, and toggle switches are mainly used in the commercial or industrial applications where human-to-machine interface is required. Based on their designs, pilot devices can be distinguished into two types – indication devices and actuation devices. Watch this video for an understanding of each type and their functions.

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