Miniature Circuit Breakers : UL 489B, DC Rated

Designed to support and protect the transition to renewable energy and mission critical applications.

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Product Features

  • 17.5mm wide per pole construction.
  • Includes both thermal and magnetic trip elements.
  • Available in one, two, three, and four pole constructions.
  • 10kA short circuit current rating on all constructions.
  • Operating current configurations from 0.5 to 63 Ampere.
  • Rated 250V DC per pole for up to 1000V DC.
  • Dual trip curves: C & D.
  • Other configurations available. Consult factory for details.

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c3controls is one of the few to introduce Direct Current (DC) Miniature Circuit Breakers designed and manufactured for all your DC industrial control, transportation, energy storage system and photovoltaic applications.

The Perfect Range of DC Miniature Circuit Breakers.

Our UL489B branch circuit breakers offer a wide range of pole sizes, amperage ranges, and trip curves — providing superior performance and flexible application environments.

UL 489B Branch Circuit Breakers

  • 17.5mm wide per pole construction
  • Available one, two, three, and four pole constructions
  • Includes both thermal and magnetic elements
  • Rated 250V DC per pole for up to 1000V DC
  • Current ratings from 0.5 to 63 Ampere
  • Dual Trip Curves C and D


  • Snap-on accessories are easily installed without the use of tools.
  • Side mounted auxiliary contacts for remote status indication of device connection and a version with an alarm to indicate device tripped.
  • Shunt-trip module for remote tripping and an undervoltage module for protection against voltage dips and swells.
  • The heavy duty Lock-off attachment when used with a padlock ensures the security necessary during maintenance activities.

Engineered to a Higher Standard, Ensuring a More Sustainable Future.

With both thermal and magnetic trip elements for overload and short circuit protection, these breakers provide high voltage DC circuit protection and fully meet UL 489B, the standard for DC photovoltaic systems.


Our Series 1110 DC Miniature Circuit Breakers are UL Listed per UL489B, the standard for DC photovoltaic systems and are compliant to the RoHS directives.

Short Circuit Current Rating

10kA short circuit current rating on all constructions.

Polarized Design

Provides unidirectional protection for overloads and short circuits.

Visible Markings & Status Indication

High visibility labels and markings can be seen from the front and side of the device for easy installation. Color-coded status window for clear visual of the breaker status (Green = Tripped, Red = ON).

Added Safety

Line and load side IP20 guarded finger-safe terminals prevent accidental contact with live parts, while allowing ring, fork, and bare wire connections.



Take your industrial control systems to the next level with the revolutionary DC MCB. In this video, discover its advanced features, including its exceptional breaking capacity, space-saving design, and effortless integration.

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