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Product Features

  • Wide range available from 5mm – 25mm with ratings from 25A to 230A.
  • Color-coded blocks in 8 colors and terminal markers available for easy circuit identification.
  • Housing is molded out of an unbreakable high quality thermoplastic.
  • Zinc plated clamping system provides superior conductivity, is vibration resistant, and offers superb corrosion resistance for normal and hazardous environments.
  • Internal jumpers (circuit bridges) free up valuable wiring space and reduce assembly time.
  • Mounting foot designed for “snap-on”, “snap-off” assembly allows for direct mounting on 32mm and 35mm DIN rails.
  • Accepts wires as small as 0.5mm2 (24 AWG) and as large as 120mm2 (4/0 AWG).
  • Marking system allows for fast and easy circuit identification. Blank, custom, and standard markers are available.

Top 5 Best Sellers

  1. Screw Clamp, Feed Through, 35A, 6mm, Grey
    p/n: WTB2-W4
  2. Screw Clamp, Feed Through, 50A, 8mm, Grey
    p/n: WTB2-W6
  3. Screw Clamp, Multi-Conductor, 35A, 6mm, Grey
    p/n: WTB2-W4-22
  4. Screw Clamp, Feed Through, 25A, 5mm, Grey
    p/n: WTB2-W2
  5. Screw Clamp, Ground, 6mm, Yellow/Green
    p/n: WTB2-W2/4G

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Terminal Blocks Defined

Terminal blocks are insulated, modular connectors that are designed to connect different circuits together. These components are also referred to as terminal connectors or connection terminals. Terminal blocks generally appear as a long strip made up of several individual terminals, hence the name.

Simplify Your Panel Wiring with c3controls' IEC Terminal Blocks

c3controls’ IEC terminal blocks are both innovative and user-friendly. World-class in quality, they are simple to install and are color-coded for easy circuit identification. From standard feed-through spring clamp or screw clamp to disconnect, fuse holder, and power distribution terminal blocks, we’ve got a solution to simplify your wiring and enhance your panel quality while saving on valuable installation time.

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The Perfect Range of IEC Terminal Blocks

We offer a wide range of IEC terminal blocks from 5mm – 25mm in screw clamp, power distribution, and IEC spring clamp that have ratings from 20A to 232A and that meet UL, CSA and CE standards.

IEC Terminal Blocks

  • Configurations available in both screw clamp and spring clamp connections
  • Available from 5mm – 25mm with ratings from 20A to 232A
  • Accepts wires as small as 0.5mm2 (24 AWG) and as large as 120mm2 (4/0 AWG)
  • A variety of color-coded blocks for easy circuit identification
  • Multi-conductor terminals available, and can be bridged to standard feed-through terminals of the same conductor size

Power Distribution Block

  • Rated 600V AC/DC and available in 80A
  • 3 lines in and 4 lines out
  • Designed for either base or DIN rail mounting


  • A wide range of complementary accessories to any wiring application
  • Terminal marking strips and group markers in a variety of widths available in blank, standard or custom printed
  • Plotter system with simple plug-and-play compatibility
  • Insulated circuit bridges in up to 10 positions to easily cross connect between multiple terminals and free up valuable wiring space and reduce assembly time

c3controls' IEC Terminal Blocks are Engineered to a Higher Standard

Engineered for durability and easy installation, c3controls’ line of IEC terminal blocks deliver easy installation and distinct functionality and reliability in applications exposed to high impact, shock and vibration.


We’ve designed our IEC spring clamp and screw clamp terminal blocks to satisfy the strict specifications of third party certification organizations — UL, CSA and IEC—making them suitable for use in installations worldwide.

Feed Through

Feed through terminals are perfect for most any application and can be utilized with our excellent marking system as well as jumpers and bridges to meet your requirements.

Grounding Terminals

DIN Rail grounding terminal blocks use the rail as a bus bar, automatically distributing ground potential to other grounding blocks. This eliminates grounding studs and wire lugs, saving you on valuable installation and wiring time.

Multi-Conductor Terminals

Eliminate conventional cross connections, looping wires and reliability problems encountered when connecting two wires in one clamp. The terminals provide multiple connection points in the terminal itself, and the possibility of further multiplication of connections with circuit bridges.

Double Level Terminals

Double-level terminals facilitate higher termination density without the need to increase the length of the mounting rail. Jumping between terminal blocks can be done at both levels with the circuit bridges. Both levels of the terminal block can also be labeled with terminal block markers. The WTB2-W4DDB internally shorted double level terminals are useful for distribution applications using circuit bridges on the lower level.

Triple Level Terminals

Triple-level terminals with LED indication are ideal for control systems with three wire DC sensors and actuators. These triple-level terminals simplify high density wiring and termination. In applications where switching indication is required, we offer terminal blocks with built-in LED indication.

Fuse Protection

Fuse holder terminals provide the convenience of protection to electrical and control systems. The fuse holder terminals have a hinged fuse carrier that allows the fuse to be easily engaged or disengaged. Options available with LED indication or a tin-plated brass link for disconnecting means, which can be used as an alternative to our knife disconnect terminal block.

Convenient Isolation of Control Circuits

Disconnect terminal blocks provide a convenient means for isolating and disconnecting control circuits. IEC style includes a hinged carrier with a tin plated brass link, or a hinged lever operating a knife contact. All screw terminals of the disconnect terminal blocks have special screw heads which accept test probes.

Power Distribution

Our modular line of IEC power blocks are rated 600V with a maximum current rating of 80 amperes, and offer the convenience of either base or DIN Rail mounting.

Marking Solutions

c3controls’ terminal block marking solution provides excellent quality permanent ink marks, with factory direct custom or standard markers. Plotter systems are also available to provide a full marking solution on site.

White Papers

Industrial Control Basics: Part 6 – Wire & Cable Management

Industrial control panels comprise of control circuits, power circuits, or a combination of both. These circuits generate signals that control the performance of equipment or machinery connected to them. Wires and cables are integral to these circuits, and they play a significant role in their functioning. Trends such as maximum efficiency, minimal downtimes, quick turnaround times, and time-to-market capabilities are critical to industrial users.


The Basics of a Terminal Block

Terminal blocks are insulated, modular connectors that are designed to connect different circuits together. The terminals serve different functions, such as they can be used to ground the wires, or connect outlets, as well as electric switches to the mains, in the presence of the electrical power. Terminal blocks are found on a variety of power management and industrial devices including motor protection relays, variable frequency drives, power supplies and connectors, programmable logic controllers, traffic controls, and so on.

Watch this video to learn about the different types of terminal block structures.

Best Practices for Control Panel Wiring featuring Terminal Blocks

Simplify your wiring and save valuable installation time with c3controls’ terminal blocks. UL listed and CE marked, our terminal blocks undergo the most demanding tests to guarantee longer lasting, easier to maintain panels.

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