Pioneer Technologies

Pioneer has one simple goal! Helping manufacturing companies improve their business every day.

Pioneer Technologies is the control panels shop division of Pioneer Dock Equipment — a larger company that designs and manufactures all types of advanced loading dock equipment. Three years ago, Pioneer made the decision to manufacture all their control panels in-house — and formed Pioneer Technologies. Since then the division has built all control panels for Pioneer Dock Equipment, as well as for a wide variety of other manufacturing companies.

Pioneer Technologies has one simple goal, to help manufacturing companies improve their business. Whether it’s through the integration of system control technology into manufacturing processes, designing and building reliable controls for equipment, or building components to speed up assembly times, they can enhance the way your business operates.

Pioneer Technologies - Manufacturer of Control Panels & Wire/Cable Harness Applications

Pioneer Technologies builds all types of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic control panels and harnesses. They are UL 508A certified — which means they have met or exceeded Underwriters Laboratories (UL) strict assembly procedures, processes, and quality assurance requirements.

Pioneer builds and services all motor controls from simple across-the-line motor starters to complex panels with VFDs, PLCs and HMIs — and will supply you with expertly built, quality control tested and fully documented electrical control panels.

Their focus is on OEM Manufacturers that require either repeatable low or high volume controls. They also provide custom “one-off” panels and controls based on customer specific requirements for all types of manufacturing companies, including industrial machinery, HVAC equipment, water and wastewater pumps, agriculture equipment, and process equipment. And, they can supply these controls in any quantity — assuring consistent quality and efficient assembly time.

All Pioneer electrical panels are supplied with full electrical schematics — and are powered up and fully tested before they ship. Their technicians will also provide complete installation on the existing equipment at their customers’ facility.

Pioneer Technologies also offers custom-built wire harness and cable assemblies for all types of applications, including sub-assemblies with components and terminal block rail assemblies. These cables and assemblies can also be built to your specifications and will ensure that your machine assembly is quicker and more reliable — helping to reduce cost and assembly time in their customers’ manufacturing processes.

The ideal balance of high quality and cost effectiveness

Pioneer's Lead Engineer/Designer and Manager, Russell Ariks, had heard positive things about c3 motor controls during conversations with people in the industry. One of Pioneer’s outside sales representatives, Marshall Boring, met Guillermo (Memo) Romero from c3controls at a trade show shortly after the division was formed. Memo is the Eastern Region & Latin America Sales Manager for c3 — and after Marshall relayed their encounter to Russell, the decision was made to investigate how c3controls might help their operation.

Russell and Marshall met with Memo at their facility to learn about the wide variety of c3controls products that could be integrated into their equipment. Like any other startup company — particularly in servicing OEM manufacturing — both cost and quality were major factors in their ultimate decision. After reviewing the products that c3controls could provide, they were very impressed with the cost effective pricing and high quality of the c3 products — as well as the seamless way they could be used in their line of equipment. An additional bonus was that c3controls is based in the USA — which means availability and shipping would ensure shorter lead times.

"It's a constant struggle to get that balance between cost effective and quality equipment. c3controls was a good balance between those two. They offered a reasonable price and good quality. Knowing that the products would be shipping to me locally was a factor as well."

Products from c3 have improved the quality of Pioneer equipment

Pioneer Technologies has been very impressed with the extensive selection of electrical control products that c3controls produces. They have found that c3 products are consistently durable and well designed — performing reliably, even in the most punishing environments. They have learned to depend on the fact that c3 products meet global standards for quality and safety, making them truly world-class products that then improve the equipment that Pioneer provides to its customers.

Solution that reduced cost and increased sales for Pioneer

Pioneer Technologies markets a hydraulic package for single-phase applications — which is at the low end in terms of cost of all the hydraulic controls they offer. The control panel they were building for this application contained a motor contactor, overload, transformer and pushbutton in order to operate controls. Because it offered more than was required just to turn a pump on and off, the pricing was prohibitive for many of their customers.

Pioneer consulted with c3controls and c3 recommended their 3-pole, 2-position disconnect switch that is housed in an ABS plastic, polycarbonate enclosure. The switch is basically a ‘set it and forget it’ control that is wired straight to the motor.

Pioneer still builds the original control panel for 3-phase and higher voltage applications — and has integrated a c3 motor contact, overload relay and pushbutton into their original panel.

"The solution that c3 provided eliminated the unnecessary devices in that panel and helped reduce its cost which, in turn, helped us increase the sales of that package."

Pioneer Technologies uses a variety of c3 products

In addition to using the 3-pole, 2-position disconnect switch, Pioneer also uses two different varieties of motor contactors — as well as four different varieties of overload relays and circuit breakers. They have also begun to use the c3 miniature circuit breakers and are very satisfied with their performance.

Pioneer has cited many unique product features that they appreciate and that have influenced their decision to purchase the devices from c3controls. The low profile and solid mechanical engagement of the coil in the motor contactors they are using has been particularly effective. They have also found the auto-reset button feature of the c3 overload relay especially valuable in their OEM panels where they use PLC (Programmable Logic Controls) with HMI touch screens. If the overload ever trips it resets automatically and eliminates the necessity of the user from having to reset that function.

Pioneer also uses many of the c3controls products in their control panels for the hydraulic dock leveler packages and truck restraint packages they build for Pioneer Dock Equipment. The dock levelers are designed to adjust to the level of the back of the truck after it backs into the loading dock — and truck restraints keep the truck from moving away from the loading dock while it is being loaded.

Pioneer recommends c3 to others in their industry

Pioneer has become an advocate of the service and quality that c3controls delivers to its customers. They are so satisfied with their relationship with c3 that they have recommended their products to others in their industry — even some friendly competitors.

They have found that the c3controls website is extremely user friendly — allowing them to easily find the parts required and obtain approximate pricing immediately. In many instances, it has entirely eliminated the need to call or email specifications to get a quote.

"All I've ever had to do is to send c3 a purchase order - and, very quickly, I receive a sales quotation back. That's exactly the way I want it to be — easy and straight forward."

Ease of purchasing and follow-up support

Pioneer describes purchasing from c3 as “a breeze, clear cut and very easy.” They feel that over the course of the entire c3controls relationship that communication has always been good. Pioneer felt that c3controls was extremely responsive if there was an issue with any of the products delivered — and appreciated that replacement products were shipped immediately without any issues. When long lead times were unavoidable, their representatives were diligent about communicating with Pioneer so that scheduling and ordering could be adjusted.

Thanks to Pioneer Technologies

Many thanks to Russell Ariks, Lead Designer/Engineer and Manager of Pioneer Technologies, for taking the time to discuss his experience regarding the culture and quality products offered by c3controls.

His testimonial about his buying experiences as a customer of c3controls serves as positive feedback for c3controls’ mission to make it ridiculously easy for customers to receive premium performance without the premium price. If you’d like to know more about Pioneer Technologies, visit their website at or contact Russell Ariks at


Handling Customer Concerns

Quality at c3controls includes our comprehensive follow-up service after the sale. In order to respond promptly to customers, c3controls has a quality process in place which includes immediate return and replacement of the product to keep our customers’ production up and running — as well as a comprehensive review of the product application to determine if the perceived issue is only present under certain conditions.

The goal of the quality process is to identify what specific issues the customer is experiencing with the product — including determining problems that are application specific and to prevent those issues from reoccurring in the future.

Advantage Pricing

We have complete control over our engineering and manufacturing processes, maintain lower overhead costs than our competitors, and offer our factory-direct business model. We offer customers a buying partnership that can save them up to 40% — and has helped our customers improve profitability and cash flow for more than 44 years.

Same-Day Shipping

At c3controls, we know how important it is to get your orders on time, every time. That’s why we offer Guaranteed Same-Day Shipping on any order for standard catalog items received by 6:00pm ET. Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they will get what they need, when they need it. A promise that we know can help you reduce inventory and save money.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

While other companies claim to offer the highest quality products on the market, at c3controls we guarantee it. We can ensure high quality because we have total control over every aspect of the engineering and manufacturing processes.

Quality that meets your exact requirements

Using our decades of experience, c3controls continues to expand our culture of ‘quality’ to design products that meet our customers’ challenges of today and tomorrow.

c3controls produces durable, well-designed electrical control products that meet global standards for quality and safety — and perform reliably even in the most punishing environments. Ranging from power and actuation to control logic to human machine interface to wiring/cable duct — c3controls offers products that perform the essential control functions that are at the heart of nearly every electrically operated machine and equipment.

For further details on our world-class products, call us today at 724.775.7926 or visit us at