Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Challenges

The last decade has seen many significant technological advances that have made finding and producing oil and gas far more efficient. Harnessing these technologies to lower costs, optimize production, and remain a responsible steward of the environment and its natural resource, continue to be top-of-mind for those in the industry.

To sustain the supply of crude oil and gas, producers must balance the challenges of extending the life of mature sites while seeking new locations and sources to ensure future viability. Optimizing the key processes of extraction, transportation, and refining helps reduce costs to remain competitive and fund further exploration. Maintaining complete plant reliability, with no unplanned shutdowns and consistent throughput and complete compliance and transparency in environmental management, is also essential.

With more extreme demands being placed on equipment in the gas and oil industries and an increasing need for durability and reliability, selecting control components that are built to exceed the rigors of the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the industry is critical to achieving trouble-free performance.

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