Water & Wastewater Pumping Challenges

Water and wastewater services absorb 30% to 50% of the average municipality’s energy use and 90% of that is expended running pumps. It is clear why achieving a cost-effective pumping operation while maintaining a consistent flow rate under varying conditions is a major goal for water service managers.

Industrial water pumping is also demanding, with water taken from rivers or lakes used for boiler or cooling-tower makeups, or in oilfields, where water used or produced during the drilling and recovery process can be treated and sold to farmers for irrigation.

The common concern is saving energy while realizing reliable treatment performance. Pumps can be paired with high performance motors and variable frequency drives that optimize wire-to-water efficiency, improve flow and operational reliability, and mitigate stress on older water system infrastructures.

Control components designed for the demands of water and wastewater systems play a key role in achieving consistent pump performance and long term reliability.

How c3controls can help you achieve consistent pump performance

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