Packaging Challenges

The packaging industry is as vibrant and dynamic as ever, marked by the growth of E-commerce, the advent of sustainable packaging, and the need for manufacturers to continually adapt to evolving consumer preferences.

With E-commerce, the challenge is for packaging to be sturdy enough to securely deliver the product to its destination, economical enough to minimize additional transactional costs, and ideally sized to the product for efficient, volumetric weight shipping. The demand for sustainable packaging requires that manufacturers eliminate the use of plastics in their packaging, and adopt materials that come from renewable sources and are recyclable or biodegradable after use.

In addition to these developments, many consumer goods and food manufacturers are dealing with shorter product lifecycles and an expanded variety of packaging configurations. This requires more flexible packaging lines that can quickly change from handling one product to another, with minimal downtime. Infeed and outfeed conveyors, the lifeline of any packaging operation, must run reliably shift after shift, often at varying speeds with varying loads.

The control components specified for packaging equipment must have the design integrity for 24/7/365 operation, and the versatility to support a wide range of diverse applications.

How c3controls can help with the right control components for packaging equipment

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