Accessories & Replacement Components

c3controls offers a wide range of accessory options and replacement components. Each easily attach to the operator or device and provide a great level of functionality for control and automation applications. When used appropriately, accessories enhance the features and performance of the control devices, and for some, specific accessories can turn a single device into a multi-purpose assembly. Be sure to check them out below!

Our motor control devices are UL Listed and CE marked, meeting global standards requirements while providing superior motor protection. Available in a variety of configurations featuring a high fault short circuit current rating, bimetallic Trip Class 10 protection against overload and phase loss conditions, and our self-protected devices eliminate the need for upstream fuses and circuit breakers. These are just a few of the features that make our motor control products the perfect solution for your application.

A wide variety of UL certified disconnect options available in door or panel-base mount, panel mount with an integral operator, enclosed, and as UL 508 Listed Manual Motor Controllers Suitable for use as Motor Disconnects. We make it easy to configure the product you need, and deliver it to you pre-assembled. One part number makes it simple, reducing cost — ordering, inventory and installation.

Consider our line of industrial pilot devices featuring the perfect range of configurations for the OEM. Available in 30mm NEMA for both industrial and hazardous environments, 22mm IEC & NEMA, 16mm, 13mm, and 22.5mm cam-operated rotary switches.

c3controls offers a wide range of circuit protection products to include miniature circuit breakers, motor protection circuit breakers and bimetallic overload relays. Whether you are looking to protect multiple devices in an entire control panel or one device, c3controls circuit protection products provide the required protection to keep your motors and other equipment safe from damage due to overload and short circuits.

From standard feed-through spring clamp or screw clamp to disconnect, fuse holder, and power distribution terminal blocks, we’ve got a solution to simplify your wiring and enhance your panel quality while saving on valuable installation time.

c3controls’ premier world tower lights feature a 50mm diameter space saving design. Voltage options in 24V AC/DC, 120V AC, and 240V AC. Integrated LEDs available in continuous, flashing and rotary. Continuous and intermittent sound modules. Mounting options available in 3 styles. Integrated bases for quick and easy wiring to the terminals. Shipped pre-assembled and ready to install when it arrives at your door.

c3controls offers a wide range of relays & timers to include industrial and hermetically sealed relays, electronic timing relays, bimetallic overload relays, and miniature control relays. Like all of our products, they are designed, manufactured and certified to meet third party standards and the strict demands of the industry.

c3controls’ DOL Starters are pre-assembled with our Series 300 contactors, Series 330 motor protection circuit breakers or Series 320 overload relays, and 22mm IEC pilot devices. Enclosed starters are protected within a durable polycarbonate enclosure. AC and DC operating coils for control circuit application flexibility. 50A to 105A DC operated devices feature electronic coil control.

c3controls already builds the world’s leading pilot devices and motor control products. It only made sense to offer these products enclosed in pre-configured and assembled control stations as well. Durable construction in polycarbonate and polyester.

Rigid, “U” shaped wire duct with non-slip cover available in grey and white, and 13 selectable dimensions from 25mm wide up to 80mm, and up to 2 meters in length. 35mm DIN rail in either steel or aluminum and 1 or 2 meter lengths.

Durable construction in polycarbonate, polyester and die-cast aluminum. Enclosures available for 30mm and 22mm pilot devices, as well as disconnect switches. Conduit hubs may be purchased separately for horizontal and vertical entry orientation.